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  1. TrophyHunterTyler on August 28, 2021 at 11:20 pm

    I want to ensure you guys read my comment. This is important that I win that ps5 contest. I never got a stimulus check. I am in California with no surviving family members, all dead from covid-19 in April. I LiveStream covid19 awareness from my ps4 and I am dying to play Cyberpunk 2077. If you choose me I will give you 100hrs which I can complete in 14 days. I love livestreaming. Gaming has actually been very therapeutic for me since I lost my family, I was livestreaming Plague Inc to show Covid19 awareness when I got the call… And I don’t mean just my mom. My mother went to Florida to take care of her grandma who had covid and she believed Trump when he said that it was not more dangerous than flu (I begged my mom not go cus she had Lupus). Well once my mom went she was asymptomatic and gave it to my brothers sisters and her husband and they all died in April while I was livestreaming. I actually remember the day because it was the day Trump went on TV and said that he was defunding the CDC. So I decided to do a live stream "what if we did not have a vaccine?" and I was able to prove that covid-19 can actually destroy humanity. Check my channel. I haven’t streamed in a while because cyberpunk won’t play on PS4 but please let me win this and I will play cyberpunk, I’ll definitely see if genshin impact load times are faster, I use my ps4 to watch youtube tv — so I’ll be able to test that out too. Please select me. I promise if I win I will give you 100 hours!! I will livestream every hour right here to YouTube!! All’s you gotta do is choose me! Signed, TrophyHunterTyler