NEW Phones Coming Out In 2021 (Complete Guide)

I list brand new phones that are coming out in 2021. I give a complete guide and cover all the specification, tech and cost of the phones.

These new phones are the best quality, with a fast and smooth experience. I list some upcoming smartphones in 2021, and some may be released later on in 2022.
These upcoming phones are from popular brands like Apple, Samsung or even Huawei.

The iPhone 13 range is undoubtedly the most highly anticipated range of upcoming phones, but there’s rather long to wait for them, as they probably won’t land until September.

The next awesome phone on the list is the samsung galaxy z fold 3.The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 isn’t likely to be as mainstream as most of the phones on this list, but it could be more exciting than most of them,

The next phone is the megalodon of a phone the huawei p50
In the past we’d have been a lot more excited about new entries in Huawei’s flagship P range

The LG Rollable phone is very much a wild card, as it’s a completely new thing for phones – a handset with a rollable screen.

I list other phones too, but watch the video for that !

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