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Join us as we learn about luxury premium appliance brands, technology and what you should know when shopping for your home appliances. You will discover the difference between convection ovens, steam ovens, and speed ovens. Comparing stove tops ranging from induction, gas ranges, and electric will help Florida homeowners know what fits their kitchen design and home lifestyle best. The functionality, appliance technology, and design found in the latest luxury appliances will inspire you, whether you are a beginner cook or professional chef.

Home Show’s Adam Kayce gets an exclusive tour of FUSE Specialty Appliances with Mike Robertson as he gives us the insiders look for what Florida homeowners should know when shopping and specifying new luxury appliances for their home. Shopping for home appliances can be overwhelming, intimidating, but where do you start and what should you know when purchasing luxury appliances for your home? Florida luxury premium appliance company, FUSE Specialty Appliances is Florida’s premium retailer and trade partner.

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0:00 Welcome to Fuse Specialty Appliances
1:42 How Covid affected homeowners outlook on home cooking and their kitchens.
3:52 Induction cooking, Convention, Steam and Speed Cooking
4:18 The Fuse team and providing specialty services
5:25 Why should homeowners work with a specialist when shopping for luxury appliances?
7:29 Specialty appliances VS Mass appliances. What’s the difference and why?
9:04 What are the benefits of high end appliances?
10:03 The FUSE Specialty Appliance Showroom Experience. What makes the best showroom for consumer and designer experience?
12:24 OVEN OPTIONS | Convection vs Convention vs Steam Ovens vs Steam Ovens vs Double Ovens
14:39 TYPES of Cook Tops | Comparing Induction vs Gas vs Electric cook tops
16:43 Premium Appliance variety and design options to choose from
18:21 Types of Ice Makers for your home. (Sonic Ice, Nugget Ice, Snow Cone Ice, Clear Ice)
19:20 Wine dispenser available for your custom kitchen design. (Plum wine dispenser)
20:18 Most Important Questions that homeowners should ask when shopping for appliances.
21:30 Specifying home appliances for your custom home during design and construction.
23:37 Luxury Appliance Trends and what to look for
24:54 BlueStar Appliances and custom colors and design.
25:58 Why shop with FUSE Specialty Appliances?
27:25 Industry Trade Partnerships | Florida Designers, Architects, Builders
28:50 Closing thoughts with Mike Robertson | Design Elements in Contemporary Design
30:00 How to contact FUSE Specialty Appliances and Florida Showroom Locations

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1 Comment

  1. Adam Kayce on June 21, 2021 at 8:45 pm

    Thank you Mike for the invaluable information! I learned so much about luxury appliances and the latest technology and design features within the industry. The FUSE Specialty Appliances store is impressive in every way and I couldn’t believe the amount of product displayed and the experience that you created in store.