FULL LAUNCH VIDEO: LG Australia launches 2021 TV range – new OLEDs, QNED Mini LED, Nanocell and more

LG Electronics Australia has showcased its 2021 home entertainment range at a family home in Sydney, Australia. The event called “Rooms with a View” displayed the new products in-situ, which you can see in the embedded video.

In addition, features embedded in each model were demonstrated, including how the products can meet the needs of different consumer entertainment passion points including movies, gaming, sport and design.

The range spans across LG OLED, NanoCell, 4K UHD TVs and the new LG QNED Mini LED TVs. There are more screen sizes, form factors and intelligent upgrades – from the 48- to 83-inch OLED TVs, 55- to 86-inch NanoCell and 4K UHD TVs, to the 65- and 75-inch QNED Mini LED TVs, right up to the premium 88-inch LG SIGNATURE Z1 8K OLED TV.

The detailed, extended launch video is above in full.

This year, the company launched a new global campaign that introduces audiences to the unique characteristics of LG OLED technology through the company’s next-generation OLED and OLED evo TVs.

To amplify the audio-visual experience, LG also revealed its 2021 sound bar line up which includes eight sound bar models that are designed to complement the 2021 LG TVs.

This year, LG reports having “continued its relationship with Meridian Audio, the high-fidelity technology embedded in the products delivers a premium home cinema experience. When combined with an LG TV, LG 2021 sound bar products can be controlled using the LG TV Magic Remote to power on, control the sound bar volume and adjust sound modes.”

LG OLED TVs more affordable than ever before

The event further highlighted how LG Electronics Australia is making LG OLED TVs more accessible to Australians in 2021 with competitive price points. The 2021 range includes 15 LG OLED TV models across five series and for the first time, this product line up features LG OLED models with a recommended retail price of just over $3,000 – making it the best value OLED model LG has ever offered in Australia. 

To build on this, at the event it was announced that for the next four weeks from 20 May, LG Electronics Australia will offer consumers who purchase an LG OLED, NanoCell or 4K UHD TV, 77-inches or above, free delivery and wall mount or tabletop installation with select leading retailers.

LG QNED Mini LED TV range rolling out across Australian retailers from July 2021

First previewed at CES 2021, the company’s latest innovation in TV “represents a leap forward in LCD TV picture quality.”

To create this new kind of LCD TV, LG combined the best LCD light source, Mini LED, with the best colour enhancement technologies, taking the best of both quantum dot and NanoCell to further enhance the ability to represent and create outstanding colour. Obviously, OLED panels still offer the very best picture, but Mini LED TVs are the next best thing LG has to offer.

The LG QNED Mini LED TVs also have more dimming zones and smaller light sources, which allows for more precise control of brightness, deeper blacks and increased contrast ratio. While LG OLED is the company’s leading TV display technology, LG QNED Mini LED TVs offer an exceptional option for Australian consumers.

Guests at the Rooms with a View event experienced this product for the first time in Australia. The LG QNED Mini LED TV range will include three models – QNED91 4K, QNED96 8K and QNED99 8K – 65- and 75-inches in size, rolling out across leading Australian retailers from July 2021.

LG SIGNATURE 65-inch R1 Rollable OLED TV available for custom order July 2021

Last but not least, at the event LG announced that the highly anticipated LG SIGNATURE R1 Rollable OLED TV is available for Australians to pre-order online at LG Australia from July 2021 for RRP $130,000. Custom made and custom ordered within six- to eight-weeks, Australian consumers will have the opportunity to own the world’s first and only rollable TV, which features the company’s flexible OLED display technology.

The LG R1 Rollable OLED TV features “ground-breaking technology that not only reimagines what a TV is capable of but revolutionises the way people use their space.

“The ultra-thin flexible OLED screen rolls into a state-of-the-art sound system and features the company’s self-lit pixel technology. LG OLED creates a vivid life-like image through millions of pixels that turn on and off to achieve perfect black and infinite contrast, delivering a realistic viewing experience without the restrictions of backlight technology. 

“The unit is a work of art fit for luxury living, with the TV appearing when needed and disappearing when not. The display can roll out to three different heights – Full View, Line View and Zero View, each with a unique purpose but all with a stylish look that complements any space. In addition, users can control the TV via voice command thanks to built-in LG ThinQ, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.”


  1. Duke J on November 1, 2021 at 11:39 am

    I’m sure the owners won’t kick them out at 830 getting a bunch of 2021 tvs for free. Oh and $500 for a stand 👏

  2. XBL* dynamatrix * on November 1, 2021 at 11:40 am

    Why doesn’t LG just scrap their Non-OLED TVs because all they’re doing is sabotaging their own Non-OLED products (facepalm). We get it…OLED is the best thing since sliced bread. SMDH. By the way OLED is not perfect. Crushed blacks, reflective window, dim screens, etc.. Again why release these Non-OLED products if you feel so compelled and anxious to remind people that OLED is the best in order to not disrupt your OLED sales. Ridiculous.

  3. macgyver mac on November 1, 2021 at 11:53 am

    The qned TV looks so good compared to the nanocell it look like the Samsung I watch Villa man and running pepper on the Samsung just the same wow and in front of the pepper there’s no blooming only the trail of blur on the back end of it

  4. Loki 76 on November 1, 2021 at 12:06 pm

    1:14:09 yeah that’s pretty bad blooming.. LG really don’t seem to give a crap about their LCD, why even bother. They literally hold them back to promote their OLED.
    We know LCD doesn’t have to look like that bad. QN90A would smoke it and you wouldn’t see blooming as bad. Same with even non miniLED LCD TVs.
    They use VA panels instead of low contrast IPS panels.
    LG doesn’t have anything on offer for me. I don’t want a Burn-in dim OLED. Not for my use.

  5. Jeffrey Obadal on November 1, 2021 at 12:10 pm

    Nice TVs, but why on Earth would I buy a TV with sponsored Advertisements on the home screen? yuck. Allow it to be turned off, or sell it without such annoying "features".

  6. Brad on November 1, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    FINALLY!!!! We get to see the QNED in action. Looks GREAT! Makes Nano look Horrible in comparison with the blooming. Can’t wait to see one in the flwsh with my own eyes.

    Question: is QNED an IPS or VA panel?

  7. Дмитрий Кузнецов on November 1, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    NanoCell blooms like hell. QNED perfoms a way better but some blooming is visible for shure. All depends on price. If QNED would replace Nanosell for the same price it could be great move. But when QNED costs more than OLED it is ridiculous

  8. hector cuevas on November 1, 2021 at 12:18 pm

    The QNED99 8K is a far superior compared to their 4K QNED. LG isnt competing with LCD since they care more for OLED. BUT they did give it all to their 8K model. They have the GEN 9 chip like the OLED and the dimming zones are more controlled compared to the 4K. Samsung QN90A would smoke LGs 4K out of the water but LG 8K a couple steps ahead of QN900A unless samsung fixes their dimming issues.

  9. Loki 76 on November 1, 2021 at 12:23 pm

    1:01:25 too bad there is strong blue hue blooming into the black bars on the Qned there. Yes might not be visible to the naked eye and only camera catching it. But it’s pretty strong so I have a feeling it might be seen with naked eye.