Black Friday AT&T deals — best early sales in 2021

Black Friday AT&T deals — best early sales in 2021.
From the new Pixel 6 to Apple’s highly sought after iPhone 13, Black Friday AT&T deals can make purchasing a phone much cheaper this holiday season.
Although we’re still a few days away from Thanksgiving, retailers and carriers have been rolling out Black Friday deals previews.
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For the most part, AT&T has yet to jump into the holiday frenzy.
Nevertheless, it’s offering a wide number of AT&T phone deals that you can get right now.
Being that some phones are selling out or being placed on backorder, we’re rounding up the best early Black Friday AT&T deals you can get today.
Whether you’re team Android or looking for the least-expensive iPhone, here are the best cheap deals right now.
Plus, make sure to check out our guide to the best AT&T plans.
Unlimited and Prepaid AT&T phone deals.