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DROK 0.56″ LED Digital Voltmeter DC 0-33V 4 Digits 3 Wires Voltage Meter Panel Gauge 12V/24V Volt Tester Power Monitor – 100205

Supply voltage: DC7-30V
Measuring voltage: DC 0-33V
Accuracy: 0.02V
Input impedance: About 100Kohm
Overload: 4 times of the range
Display: 4 digits 0.56 “LED digital tube
Display color: Blue
Refresh rate: about 300mS / times
Working temperature: -40 °c – 85 °c
Digital Tube: 61mm x 29mm x 17.5mm
Circuit board: 58mm x 26mm

Ultra-small, Two-wire
Are imported MCU design, software filtering
Using automatic SMD process,
Comes with two regulator chip, stable
Built-in protection against reverse, reverse will not burn, over range is displayed “0”
For monitoring automobile, car batteries, motorcycle battery voltage
Package include:
1x Digital Voltmeter

With reverse polarity protection to avoid burning and it will display “0” when over-range
Comes with two regulator chips, Stable operation; wide input Voltage: 7-30v
Adopts original single chip design and software filtering function,
Great for monitoring automobile, car battery, motorcycle; allows you to grasp the battery power timely
A voltmeter is also sometimes a way to tell if your amp is clipping, the harder you clip the amp, the more current it draws! dropping your voltage way down. Avoid burning up your subs, check out my video on how to detect clipping car audio.

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