Best computer for programing & coding | PC vs Laptop buying guide

Here are the important factors to consider when you’re looking to buy a computer as a developer.

Custom-Build vs Prebuilt PC
With a custom computer, you must decide what kind of hardware to get. It would require much more knowledge. Since you are buying every single component separately, you need to make sure that they are compatible with each other.

With a prebuilt computer, it is much more convenient but you will be limited by the hardware installed by the seller. You may still be able to upgrade or replace parts, but you will only have whatever opportunities the computer seller gives to you.

Custom PCs used to be a cheaper choice. But what we have seen recently, the mobile industry started using a lot more RAM in production, which has resulted in a shortage of RAM shortage in the industry. And in the past recent years, GPU prices became so expensive because people were going crazy about cryptocurrency mining.

So in reality, buying a pre-built computer may be a cheaper option since the parts are bought directly in bundles from the manufacturers.

Desktop Computer VS Laptop
The primary factor here would be portability. If you travel a lot or need your workstation to be with you at all times, then a laptop is the right choice.

Today, laptops are powerful enough that they can be used for web development and coding. Many professional web developers have admitted that they haven’t used a desktop in years as laptops offer the flexibility to conduct their work from anywhere.

What laptops lack is the upgradeability. You can’t alter major things in laptops. So you’ll have to carefully choose what model is the right one for you.

The screen is crucial on a laptop. Due to size constraints, laptop displays are comparatively very small. So you should pick a laptop with a screen that is large and crisp enough for your tasks.

When picking up the storage device, choosing a laptop with SSD is better in terms of performance. But it is more expensive compared to the traditional hard disk drives.

The battery is another crucial factor for a laptop. You should look for a battery with the longest runtime. Generally, you should pick a laptop with a battery that has the most electrical charge.

The 3 most commonly used operating systems nowadays are Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Windows is the most popular system. Windows supports most programming languages, so if the programming language of your choice works on Windows, you may look no further.

Mac OS is a very popular choice among web developers nowadays. If you’re an iOS app developer, Mac OS is definitely a good choice.

Linux is far ahead of Mac and Windows when it comes to security and customizability. But it may lack in tools and software when compared to the other two operating systems.

Which Operating System should you choose?
As a programmer, you might often find yourself in a situation where you have to switch over to another operating system.

You probably need to run Linux on Windows PC or run Windows on Mac. In these cases, you need to ensure the machine you are working with has sufficient RAM in order to do these things.

When you are using a virtual machine like Parallels or Boot Camp to boot the next Operating System as a virtual machine. You will have the options to go with what includes Linux, Windows, or Mac-dependent on your software requirements.

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  12. Juan on August 10, 2021 at 9:50 pm

    As a programmer, your priorities are an OK CPU, reliable SDD, enough RAM, nice monitor and a comfortable keyboard.

    – CPU: most modern cpu are more than enough for 99% of programmers out there. Focus in getting something recent, but not overkill. An i9, i7, ryzen 7 or ryzen 9 are great, if you can get afford them, but do not lose sleep if you go with a cheaper one. Any chip that’s not older than 2 years is acceptable if you’re thinking of buying new, if you already have one, as long as it isn’t too old, it’ll be just fine. I wrote c# in visual studio on a i5 from 2016 with no problems.

    – GPU: if this is a workstation, and you’re not making AAA games or into any form of design, which GPU to buy should be last in your priorities. An old RX 550 go for about 90$, and is perfectly fine. Do not get into the PC master race unless you have deep enough pockets. And if you’re certain you’re not going to use it, just buy a CPU with integrated graphics.

    – ram: 8gb ram minimum. Right now ram isn’t as expensive as before, so 16gb is the sweet spot. You can find 2x8gb sticks for around 60$. Note, if you decided to go for an AMD cpu, pay attention to the speed of the ram you’re getting. If possible, go for 3600mhz, 3000 minimum.

    – storage: get an ssd. You can get a low storage one (240gb) for ~40$, just install your OS, IDE, and main apps here and just buy a HDD when you can . Do not pick a weird Chinese brand. Well, this kind of applies to everything. I don’t recommend anything lower than 250gb, as SSD needs around 15% free space to work and you need to install programs and your most common files on it, the jump from ~120 to ~250 is so small that is just not worth going that cheap.

    – motherboard: the only requirement is that is from a nice brand and that it won’t bring you headaches. Go ATX or micro-ATX depending on the size of your case. Micro-ATX are typically cheaper tho, and if you’re not planning on overclocking, they should be more than enough as long as they don’t suck. microAtx go for around 60$-100$ and atx anything between 100$ and 700$. Do not spend more than 150$ on a MOBO in this kind of system. Leave that for your gaming one.

    – power supply: there are a bunch of power consumption calculators, just google them and place in your parts and it’ll recommend you some wattage. Just go for a 80+ bronze and a reputable brand. Seasonic, corsair, EVGA are great options. 70-90$ should be more than enough. Don’t mind if is not modular, your priority is the watts, brand and that bronze certification.

    – Keyboard: do not skimp on this. You’ll be using it almost every single day for hours at a time. It needs to be comfortable, easy to type in and durable. Just because you’re cheaping out on other parts, doesn’t mean you’re going to buy the cheapest everything.
    – Mouse: just get something reliable but nothing fancy.

    -Monitor: crisp and detailed letters are easier to read. You’ll be looking at your monitor even more than what you’ll use your keyboard. Buy a decent monitor. Go for 4k as soon as you can. Ignore anything beyond 60fps, you’ll have no use for it. Oh, and try to get one that has a vertical mount included, vertical monitor does wonders to your ability to read code.

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    Let’s I am coding on a desktop and the power supply goes out, does the pc immediately turn of and I lose the code or is there a system that gives you some time to save your progress?

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